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2020-02-22 03:53

How can the answer be improved?Step3: Enter Email Address Linked To Your Mojang Account. Enter the Email address you used to setup your Mojang account. Click Request Password Reset. Now, all you need to do is check your Email inbox for a Password Reset mail. To conclude, follow the instructions to access your account immediately and resume playing your favorite games. mojang password reset email

Jun 19, 2013 Hi, A freind of mine recently gave me an old minecraft account that he doesn't want (LordZendrix). Trouble is, he forgot the password. So, he gives me the password for the Hotmail acc it is tied to (poopy. 78) and tells me to do a reset.

Next step you will enter the registered Email address that you used to create the Minecraft account initially and then click the Request Password Reset button. Step3: Check Email To Find Instructions to Reset Minecraft Password. Open the inbox of the Email address you entered in the previous step to find a password reset mail sent to you by Mojang. Change or forgot password 1. Go to 2. Press the Forgot your password? link. 3. Enter your account email and username, and press Request password reset .mojang password reset email Reset Password. If you no longer have access to the email address tied to your account you can request to change it by passing a security challenge. If you use a username to log in (instead of an email address), you're using an outdated account. Check this help article for instructions on how to reset your password.

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