Freebsd apache22 error code 1

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Oct 16, 2014  FreeBSD 9. 1RELEASE apache mysqlserver php php5extensions1. 7 phpMyAdmin WordPress v Install Apache Navigate to the Apache server port and build it: cd usrportswwwapache22& & make install clean Once Apache has been successfully installed, add the followingReconfiguring FreeBSD Ports Remove OPTIONS config For Any Port last updated June 10, 2009 in Categories FreeBSD, Package Management, Troubleshooting W hile building Apache port I was presented with a menu from which I selected certain build options. freebsd apache22 error code 1

consult the freebsd mailing list If this procedure of manually installing programs doesn't seem to work, it's time to ask the experts. There is a mailing list set up for just these types of problems.

Dec 09, 2010 Hi, i have a problem! I cant install apache22 on freebsd 7. 1 user# cd usrportswwwapache22 user# make install To enable a module category I'm using FreeBSD 7 release along with following software: Apache 2. 2 PHP as modphp5 MySQL DB server How do I configure php as FastCGI server? Skip to content. The author is the creator of nixCraft and a seasoned sysadmin, DevOps engineer, and a trainer for the Linux operating systemUnix shell scripting. I receive thefreebsd apache22 error code 1 Threre is a hint in usrportsUPDATING about this: : AFFECTS: autotools AUTHOR: The next stage in the ongoing cleanup of autotoolsusing ports is a refactoring of bsd. autotools. mk so that version numbers are no longer needed within the USEAUTOTOOLS stanza.

service apache22 restart. Code Issues 1 Pull requests 0 This installation guide was create for and tested on Freebsd 8. 3. freebsd apache22 error code 1 Dec 05, 2005 I have downloadet wget with ports. Make works fine, but when i try to intall (Make install) i get error code# 1: Installing for wget1. 102 FreeBSD 10: Installing Apache 2. 4, MySQL 5. 5, and PHP5. 5 Missing libphp5. so Continuing my quest with FreeBSD. Today, I was installing Apache 2. 4, MySQL Dec 17, 2013 An open discussion forum for obtaining help with Nagios Core. Nagios Core users of all experience levels are welcome here. Subforum have been created for the discussion of Nagios Core and Nagios Plugin development. Hi I am getting following errors while installing apache on FreeBSD 8. 1. How can I solve this error? I have used: # usrportswwwapache22# make install clean FreeBSD

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