Galaxy note 5 sim card error

2020-02-22 04:11

I've had a Samsung Note 5 (bought new from ATT) for a few months and in the last few weeks have started periodically getting the message that the SIM card is undetectable. The phone reboots and that takes care of the problem for a day or so.How can the answer be improved? galaxy note 5 sim card error

Correct Answer: How do I get rid of the error message sim card not detected on my Galaxy Note 5?

Remove, clean and reinsert your SIM card and check. Check with any other good and working SIM Card. Hardware Solution. Clean SIM socket contacts with the help of a pin and check. If any pin of SIM Socket is broken replace entire SIM socket. Resolder all 6 connections of SIM socket and check. Now Check SIM Socket Capacitors for continuity with SIM Socket connections and check as illustrated in picture Galaxy Note 5, having the SIM Card Error, Restart your phone to use the mobile network which, I think, is preceded by No SIM card or New SIM Card detected.galaxy note 5 sim card error

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Galaxy note 5 sim card error free