Crystal reports database connector error 42s22

2020-02-24 21:22

Jul 09, 2009 I entered the following query in the CRystal reports X1 command box q is a String paramter and ent Home; Crystal Reports Training; SQLCode: 42S22 Invalid Column Name actual. i would add one parameter value as default like 'g ' and if the user selects g i would retrieve data from one database else from some other database (linkedCrystal Reports Connector Error: If tables are already linked then the join type cannot change. Database Connector Error: 'If tables are already linked then the join type cannot change. ' Solution. This issue occurs when Crystal Reports attempts to build the links between the tables and gets it wrong. By default, when you add a new crystal reports database connector error 42s22

Jan 24, 2006 This is the only report that is not working with this database and ODBC connection. I can go directly into the database and run the query and it works just fine, so I don't know what the problem is. RE: Database Connector Error

Good afternoon, I have a query regarding data sources and Crystal reports XI 2008: We have a SQL test db named 'TEST' and a live SQL db named 'LIVE However, when a report's data source is changed from the TEST db to the LIVE db, a 'database connector error: '42S02: [Microsoft[ODBC SQL Server Driver[SQL Server[Invalid Object Name 'TEST Attempting to connect to SQL Server through Crystal Reports. SQL State: Native Error: [Database Vendor Code: Crystal Reports version: . 738 RTM SQL Server 2012. Crystal reports Failed to open connection after publishing. Hot Network Questionscrystal reports database connector error 42s22 Even though the database connection is okay, your query may be bad, or there is some other database component making the data retrieval fail. Easiest way is to run the query or queries in the Crystal Report in a database client tool. For example, with Oracle, you can use SQL Developer to

Dec 14, 2012 Thanks this is very helpful but when I click on to Preview after I successfully followed your steps, I am getting a Database Connector Error: '42S22: . [Database Vendor Code: 207 Any idea what this is? In Crystal Reports, click the Database menu at the top and then click Show SQL Query . That should show you the exact query that is crystal reports database connector error 42s22 Database Connector Error: SQL Server Driver[SQL ServerInvalid column name 'CYBox15 [Database Vendor Code: 207' We were able to figure it out by going into the Crystal Report and clearing out a calculation that was listed in two of the boxes. Thank you! Archived discussions are readonly. Learn more about SAP Q& A. Database Connector error: '42S22: Invalid column name 'Year' and 'Month' Dear SirMadam, I had written the following statement, Jul 19, 2010 Hi, I am using Crystal Reports XI. I have a Crystal Report and in it is a Home; Crystal Reports Training Database Connector Error: SQL Server Driver When I try in sub report via Database Expert to Left Outer Join, Enforced To, and! , I get bunches upon bunches of records and the first account# in the SAP Crystal Reports, CR, Data Source, Set Datasource Location, Database Connector Error: 42S02, KBA, BIRACR, Crystal Reports designer or BusinessViews Manager, Problem Product Crystal Reports 2008 V1; SAP Crystal Reports 2011

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