Hscla27c lpm error

2020-02-24 21:24

Enterprise UNIX, Storage and Recovery Solutions consultancy. Over the last few weeks Ive been working on an upgrade project for a major retail company where they had Oracle 10g running on an power5 AIX 5. 3 TL8 partition with a DS4700 storage system.HSCLA27C HSCL400A HSCLA29A with OS RC 83 during LPM validation of NPIV client. Troubleshooting. Problem. Errors: HSCLA27C The operation to get the physical device location for adapter on the virtual IO server partition has failed. hscla27c lpm error

LPM Validation Failure# 2 I attempted the LPM Validation again by using the HMC GUI, with the same selections. It failed again, this time on a problem concerning the VSCSI (Virtual SCSI) adapter, which is used on this LPAR to mount a virtual optical drive from one of the VIO Servers. The error:

I have been using Shared Storage Pools phase 2 (SSP2) on the beta test a lot recently and it works well I am very impressed. One key side effect of SSP2 is that it d LPM requires that all fcs ports that are mapped to the mobile LPAR MUST have a SAN storage device presented to the fcs port. LPM requires that all virtual fcs adapters on the mobile LPAR MUST have at least one SAN disk zoned to the fcs port's primary AND secondary WWPN.hscla27c lpm error If set in a required state (yes), LPM will fail with HSCLA27C. 2. For active (live partition) mobility, ALL adapters assigned to the mobile LPAR MUST be logged in or LPM will fail with HSCLA27C.

LPM validation via HMC for mobile partition that has virtual SCSI (vSCSI) storage fails with Error: HSCLA27C and Detailed Information: HSCL400A and HSCLA29A with OS RC 80. This applies to VIOS 2. 2 and HMC V7 or higher. Cause. Verify if the mobile partition in question is using vSCSI storage. hscla27c lpm error Problem with LPM: Error Message: HSCL400A There was a problem running the VIOS command. HSCLA29A The RMC command issued to partition VIO2102 failed. Claim error, can't allocate at 0xc Claim error, can't allocate kernel memory Live Partition Mobility (LPM) allows you to migrate partitions from one physical server to another while partition is running. HSCLA27C The operation to get the physical device location for adapter on the virtual IO server partition has failed. we get on VIO in errpt DELAYED INTS error; HMC ALERT: VAR USAGE EXCEEDS THRESHOLD; Change on the fly VIO FC mapping because of problem with Live Partition Mobility; How to create etcniminfo file on the client. We have dual vios and lpm was working, but have sustained a HW failure on 1 CEC. At least one VIOS seems entirely healthy and the client LPARs are still running on npiv volumes, but we'd like to lpm off before taking the system down to fix, but getting HSCLA27C.

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