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2020-02-24 20:22

Well, it's fun, and it's a completely unexpected way to use your digital camera. In addition, your pinhole camera is a good prop to use for teaching kids about the basic physics of photographyWith this type of camera, the exposures are even longer than typical pinhole cameras, because the light from the pinhole does not fall directly on the lightsensitive region of the camera. Instead, the camera is capturing some of the light that is reflected from the projection screen. digitale pinhole camera maken

Aug 17, 2016 In deze video leg ik uit hoe je super eenvoudig van je DSLR een digitale pinhole camera kunt maken. Met deze camera kun je bijzonder sfeervolle foto's maken, die erg dichtbij 'het ouderwetse

Shot with a homemade digital pinhole camera! To add the digital part, a hole was cut in the front of the box next to the pinhole lens. It was through this hole that the digital SLR was used to record the pinhole image being displayed on the rear of the boxs inside. Pinhole photography with a digital camera. May 6, 2017 by David Travis 4 Comments. Last Sunday (30th April) was World Pinhole Day. But as I played with the idea, I realised that the more interesting story was about the making of the pinhole camera. So think of this as a DIY Photography story. Sadly, connoisseurs of pinhole photographydigitale pinhole camera maken

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