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2020-02-22 02:50

Option 5: To share a post outside of the Facebook app, tap Copy Link. From there, you can paste the link into a text message, email or another app to share the post.Apr 07, 2011 This is a short video describing how to share a facebook page post with a unique URL to a specific Facebook fanpage post to be shared off facebook on other platforms and in email or newsletters. share facebook post via email

Do you want to stay on top of all of the posts made on your Facebook Page, or want a way to share new posts with people who don't have a Facebook account? Make it easy by sending a new email in Gmail for each new post with this integration

How to find and share the link for an individual Facebook post for your profile or business Page. Sharing the link is really simple and lets you share your post via email or message. You could use your email account to post updates on Facebook as well as to upload photos and videos to your Facebook account. Using Facebook over email was an alternative if you didn't have access to the app or website.share facebook post via email With the link to that Facebook Post in hand, you can send out a tweet, share it to Google, or include it in an email or blog post. How To Embed Facebook Posts From Desktop. Sometimes it's not enough to link to a Facebook post, sometimes you want to embed it in content, like this one:

Mar 25, 2012 Learn how to post to your Facebook account via an email message. How to post to Facebook via your email Pearl Brennan. How To Share a Facebook Page Post With Email Subscribers Duration: share facebook post via email Whether you are sending out marketing emails to your clients or simply want to share an online article with a few family members, you can add a Share on Facebook link to your outgoing messages. How can I send a video or post to someones email who is not Related Help Center FAQs; When someone reshares something I posted, who can see it? When I tag someone in a post or photo, who can see it? How do I control who can see my Page's posts? How do I poke someone on Facebook? How do I control who can look me up using my email or mobile I don't think this is the best solution since clicking the Post to Facebook link will try to close a dialogue and you will be left with a blank page. The post will be published to your timeline, but you will have to navigate there to see it. Pones Apr 5 '17 at 15: 46

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