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About Greenstone. Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections. It provides a way of organizing information and publishing it on the web or on removable media such as DVD and USB flash drives.Application software Scope. This module covers commonly used application software, which are specifically designed for the creation and development of digital library (DL) systems and similar types of collections and services, for example, digital repositories or open access archives. digital library software wiki

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eShelf digital library is an information retrieval system in which collections are stored in digital formats and easily accessed by networked computers. Digital library software DSpace is a digital library system to capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute the intellectual output of a universitys research faculty in digital formats. Dspace has been developed jointly bydigital library software wiki The Libronix Digital Library System is a technology used to deliver digital libraries of books and interactive study tools. All of the products carrying the Libronix DLS logo work together seamlessly.

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